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InCoWriMo is Coming!

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Yes indeed! International Correspondence Writers Month is upon us. February is the month set aside for writing a letter a day, by hand, and sending it in the mail. Yes, I mean the postal service, with envelopes and stamps.

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Ready for a busy month of writing…


I think a lot of people hear about an event like InCoWriMo and initially have a reaction like, “Oh Cool!” Then, the reality of it sets in. It takes time. It takes a little bit of money. There is the WIIFM question, What’s In It For Me? So I thought I’d take a moment and tell you some of what I think is in it for you.

  1. Relaxation. Putting pen to paper to talk to someone you care about can be quite cathartic. I rarely find that I am tired after writing a letter, but instead, IĀ feel renewed and energized.
  2. Connection. Writing to someone you care about is a way to open a channel of communication that can often be neglected. I find it is sometimes easier to write a letter about something important to me than it would be to call and talk about the same topic. I find that ink and paper lend itself to a visceral connection between the author and the reader.
  3. Reflection. Many times as I write a letter I find myself thinking differently about things I addressed in the letter. I see that sometimes answers to my problems are revealed through the process of writing to someone else. It’s a sort of “talking through” a problem or puzzle I have struggled with.
  4. Fun. It’s not only fun to write a letter using excellent paper and maybe a sweet pen, but it’s fun for someone to receive a handwritten note. Admit it, wouldn’t you be thrilled to walk to your mailbox and find a handwritten letter from someone you care about instead of a solicitation from VISA or the coupon tabloid? Ok, so maybe the coupon tabloid is fun too… but which one would you keep? Which leads me to number 5…
  5. You are creating a treasure when you write a letter. Many people hold on to and cherish handwritten letters. I know I do. These messages are keepsakes long after they are sent, and perhaps long after we are gone. I sometimes wish I had a letter from my dad. I have some cards he wrote in. A letter would be gold though.
  6. You might get something in return. If you send something out, it often comes back… It’s kind of mystical sounding, but I find it’s true. I never write a letter expecting one in return, but I do enjoy when I get responses.

I’m going to write at least one letter each day in February. I am challenging you to write just one letter in February and send it. Then, come back here and tell me how it went in the comments. I would love to read your letter writing experiences. If you decide to write one letter a day for the entire month with me, let’s get together afterward and compare notes about the experience.

Go forth and write.

One last thing… If you’d like a handwritten letter from me in February, subscribe to the blog via e-mail (top right side of the blog) and then let me know in the comments by February 20, 2018. I will contact you directly (at the e-mail you subscribe with) to get your snail mail address and then do my best to write to you during InCoWriMo 2018.