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December Dailies – day 10 – found poem

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Ok this is a “found poem” or a “blackout poem” or an “erasure poem”… I suppose any of those are adequate descriptors. This was a page from the book, Only the Heart Knows How to Find Them by Christopher DaVinck, is a collection of essays. The essay in which I found this poem is titled “First Love.” My poem is untitled.


December 10 found poem

December Dailies – Day 9 – Shadorma

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Today, I am trying my hand at the Shadorma (Click here for more info). It is a Spanish form that bears some resemblance to the Japanese haiku, yet it is a form all unto itself. I enjoyed writing them so much I have included three examples. Again, I am not saying these are great examples, but they are examples, nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them

Three Shadorma poems:

December Dailies – Day 8 – Fibonacci poems (Fibs)

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Jane requested this form. The Fibonacci (click here for more info.) is a form that follows a mathematical concept for six lines. I actually included two poems. One is a Fib with six lines that increases like a fibonacci sequence and the second starts out like a fibbonacci and then turns back around and fades… I dunno, it was fun… so I did it that way. 😉

The poems: