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Post Daily Reflection.

Published / by Tim

In the days after publishing 31 poems, one each day of December, I find myself feeling… curious. This is a problem when you share your work on a blog using Social media. I think a lot of people read the abbreviated posts on the various sites and saw the poem images and never actually clicked through.  I have no idea how broad my actual audience is.

Ultimately, it’s not about the wider audience… it’s about the audience in my own head. The inner critic, the doubting TimGee, the perfectionist, the Jerk who lives way in the back corner of my skull shouting profanities at me during the quietest of moments of contemplation and creativity. Today, the private audience is pleased, except the jerk… He is never pleased, but he is calm. I think just meeting the challenge of writing every day is enough to keep me writing.

Thinking back on the poems, there are none that I really dislike. Some were probably not awesome with 100% passion poured into them, but none of them were utterly devoid of life. I think you can see my humor, my sarcasm, perhaps a shade of melancholy, loneliness, wonder, joy and maybe even inspiration. I think you can get an idea that I don’t take myself too seriously. Perhaps a poem resonated with you? Maybe you wrote one of your own? If you smiled or read with a spark of joy… I’m delighted Although even if no one read the poems… I am happy. I finished the challenge. I set my mind to a task and completed it. That is a win, and I needed a win.

Thanks for reading if you did, or are, or will… I appreciate your comments and likes. 😉

Going forward, this blog was never intended to be a ‘niche’ blog, but rather a rambling stroll through my busy and cluttered mind.  If you are following I hope you will be pleasantly surprised regularly, and if you are just joining me… welcome aboard matey!


December Dailies – Day 30 – The Paradelle

Published / by Tim

The next to last “daily” is in the book (on the blog?) Today I chose to write a Paradelle (click here to learn more). I chose this particular form because it was invented by Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate and is all about poking fun at strict poetic forms. I’ve been doing that for 30 days now; it’s just no one got the joke, I guess. I’m a fan of Billy Collins, not only because he is an outstanding poet who writes in a down-to-earth way, but also because he works tirelessly to make poetry accessible to everyone. One of his shining examples is a project called Poetry 180, which was designed to get high school students reading a poem every school day of the year.

The world could use a lot more poetry and a lot less of some of the other crap we consume in the media. That is the only rant you’ll get from me during this project. 😉

I also wanted to post a couple photos of the creative process… I think there may be some people out there who think I just sit down, type these and hit publish… That’s a big ol’ nope. I will admit most of everything gets typed initially, but I often print a hard copy and noodle with a pen if I get stuck.

Once I get the poem all finished in my word processing software I normally run it through Grammarly to find any glaring spelling and punctuation errors. For poems, this is not ideal as I sometimes ignore punctuation… Some famous poet somewhere told me that is ok.

I then turn the poem into an image. It keeps the formatting as I intend. This is important to me, probably only to me, which is fine.

Finally, I write the post for the poem in WordPress… The blog platform I have chosen to adopt for OneSureChord.com. It’s a robust platform and reasonably intuitive to get things done. It also works with Grammarly so that I don’t look quite as illiterate as I would without it.

It’s a fun little system and it works well.  I think it’s essential that you all know that each poem has taken at least an hour to create and post. The longest I spent on any poem was nearly 5 hours. I won’t tell you which one, but I think it reflects a higher level of craft than many of the others. This Paradelle took about 2 hours from start to finish. It was great fun and even turned out better than I expected. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

The paradelle:


December Dailies – Day 21 – Kyrielle

Published / by Tim

I may have run out of “easy” forms to work on. Today’s poem form, the Kyrielle (click here to learn more), seems like it should be easy. It wasn’t. When I thought I had it finished with a, not so common, abcb x 4 rime scheme I realized that I had not counted syllables correctly. I almost left it as is and claimed poetic license. I ultimately relented to the nagging little voice inside that kept telling me, “That would be cheating.”

I did decide to be a little looser than I was initially with the refrain. It needed to change a bit from stanza to stanza, or it felt wonky to me. I am not unhappy with this poem, but let me just remind you… this is a daily exercise. I am NOT claiming to have written great poems. I only claim to have written a poem today, which is more than a lot of people. I am content. Until tomorrow…

The poem:


December Dailies – Day 20 – Blitz poem

Published / by Tim

Today I tried something I’ve never tried before. Thanks to my helpful friends… 😉

The blitz poem (click here to learn more). It is a 50 line poem that builds on itself. I hav been making images of my poems mostly, but this particular poem is too long so I’m just typing it in the post. I am not sure it matters, but… whatever. I hope you enjoy this. It was fun to write and while I could probably tweak it around all night, I shall give you what I have.

The poem:

Wild on Wheels

Walk out of town
walk into the wild
wild times are coming
wild child inside
inside my mind
inside out
out and about
out of my mind
mind your manners
mind if I drive
drive you crazy
drive into the night
night time creatures
night lights burn
burn down the house
burn your dinner
dinner for two
dinner is served
served my time
served the papers
papers and string
papers for travel
travel far and wide
travel down the road
road to ruin
road through the desert
desert rose
desert oasis
oasis on the journey
oasis or a mirage
mirage on the horizon
mirages of the heart
heart of the matter
heart attack
attack the problem
attack of the killer donuts
donuts for breakfast
donuts and coffee
coffee and cream
coffee stained coat
coat of arms
coat of many colors
colors of the rainbow
colors spinning
spinning a yarn
spinning wheels
wheels of the mind
wheels keep on turning