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December Dailies – Day 6 – American Sentence

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Today, for various reasons, This post will be short. I am writing a smattering of American Sentences. A poetic form first employed by Allen Ginsberg. Click here to read a bit more about the form.

To the poems:

Long lines at Starbucks are not a problem when Stumptown is right next door.

Five hours early is a bit extreme even for someone like me.

Traveling is romantic in my thoughts yet barbaric in practice.

Florida resembles a brillo pad, in a puddle, in the sun. 

Dark chocolate, it seems, truly understands who I am and speaks to me.

Poems are Copyright © 2017 Tim Geoghegan.

December Dailies – Day 5 – Found Pantoum

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Well… This poem is coming out a little later than the first four. It’s funny how sometimes the creative juices just stop flowing. To combat the blockage I decided to start reading and I happened across a short story by Ernest Hemingway called Today is Friday. It is a crucifixion story and presented in the form of a very short play. I’ve included a link to a version of it for your edification.

So, here’s what I did. I borrowed 8 lines from the short story to create a Pantoum. I’m calling it a found pantoum. I like to think of “found poems” as a sort of mining for gold in other people’s work. I won’t go so far as to say my poem is gold, but it turned out better than I was hoping for at 4:00 this morning.

The found pantoum:Found Pantoum

December Dailies – Day 4 – Villanelle

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Well… Charlotte requested a villanelle (click here to learn more) and I will admit, when the request came in I almost ignored it. I find these tremendously difficult because of the repetition of the end rhyme and of the first and third lines of the first tercet, holy cow! It always seems quite monotonous.  Dylan Thomas pulled it off well with, “do not go gently…” Mere mortals like me, however, must work to even sound sensible. This poem represents about two hours worth of work  and I will tell you, I don’t love it. Yet, I don’t hate it either. If you want to revise or improve upon this… do so in the comments.

The villanous Villanelle:


December Dailies – Day 3 – Cinquain

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It’s day 3 and I am working up to the longer, more technical, challenging forms by stretching my brain a bit with shorter, less technical, fun forms. Today I’m sharing the Cinquain (Click here to learn more). It’s a rainy day, and I just got a pot of Guinness Beef Stew going. Sure it’s a St. Patrick’s day treat, but why wait? I’m going to give you a bonus. I am going to do a syllable count cinquain as is described in the link above, but I am also going to do a word count cinquain. I think you will see what I did.

Today’s poems:

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NOTE: If the publishing timeline seems off to you based on other things I write about (stew today)… I am writing each poem the day before it is actually published and then scheduling the publication for early in the morning (PST) so that you have time to read it on the day it is intended for. I am in fact writing one poem a day, but just on the day before you receive it. Hope that’s ok.