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December Dailies – Day 25 – Verbs? no.

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Ok, this is a poem I wrote a while ago. I’m giving it to you today. I wrote a poem today, but I don’t care to share it here. Sorry. So, this is a substitute. I like it. The idea was to try a write a poem without verbs. What do you think?


A poem
on a white background
a silver spark
of an idea
In no particular order
or style,
a method of my madness.

Copyright ©2017 Tim Geoghegan

December Dailies – Day 13 – Golden Shovel

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Jane requested this one too… the Golden Shovel (Click here to learn more). It is a poem in which you borrow several words and use them at the ends of your new lines. If you read the last word(s) of my lines they will make up a portion of Billy Collins poem, Royal Aristocrat, a poem about a typewriter. I cheated a bit and used more than one of BC’s words at the end of a few of my lines. but overall I think I met the spirit of the poem. Additionally, I really don’t like this poem. I would start again, but as it is now 10:25pm, I don;t want to spend another hour working on this… so… If you also dislike the poem, please feel free to revise it in the comments. Cheers!

The Golden Shovel ala Geoghegan and Collins:

Golden Shovel