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December Dailies – Day 31 – Finding Greatness

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Well… It’s the 31st and I struggled with several poems, trying to get them done. In the end, I decided that it’s just as much fun to borrow other people’s words as it is to make up my own. In the spirit of “borrowing”, I looked to the world’s leaders and their New Years messages. I chose to borrow Vladimir Putin’s Speech to create my found poem. I hope he doesn’t mind. I hope you don’t mind. Happy New Year!

Here’s the “found’ poem (something special – Click on the poem image below and I’ll have my friend Atticus Ableyard read it to you) :

Scan Dec 31, 2017 at 6.15 PM

December Dailies – Day 29 – Alphabet Poem

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I currently have about 4 poems in various states of incomplete. None of those were ready by my standard. Note: My “standard” is that I am not entirely embarrassed by a poem, so now you know just how bad they are, especially now that you have seen 28 other poems that made the cut. đŸ˜‰

This is an Alphabet poem. No link, it just incorporates the alphabet in its structure. And so… without further ado:


December Dailies – Day 28 – Sestina

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I always forget how difficult the sestina (click here to learn more) can be. It’s not that a sestina is inherently harder to write than any other longish form. The difficulty lies in the repetition of the line end words and keeping the whole thing from sounding like a nervous politician making crazy promises.  I tried the sestina simply because I find them extremely difficult. This one turned out… alright, I think. “Camped out” was inspired by a story I heard about a couple who went to the woods to reconnect after a major crisis in their life. I have no idea how that story turned out, as you will see…

The sestina:



December Dailies – Day 27 – Nonet​

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There comes the point in any project where one has to come to terms with some things. I began this thinking I was writing for a wider audience. Tonight’s poem even kind of acknowledges the fact. The bit I’ve had to come to terms with is that… I am writing for me and really for me only. If you get some amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure from the poems… excellent, but ultimately this was for me. Thanks for joining in so far.

The Nonet (click here to learn more) is a nine-line poem and while it isn’t the most difficult form to fill up, having it be meaningful is the more critical task. I don’t know if I managed that for you, but for me… mission accomplished. Enjoy.

The poem: