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Fear and Loathing?

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Sometimes I just want to jump off this merry-go-round. Through a series of events I found myself plunged into a funk. The whole idea of “living in the moment” is great, but I found out that it’s very difficult as well.

So, I’m a bible reader. If you’re interested, In Matthew 14, there’s a well-known bit where Jesus has been off praying and the disciples are out in a boat. Jesus gets done and goes walking out to the boat. The boys see him. Peter says, Hey! if that’s you, tell me to meet you out there! Jesus does. Peter jumps out of the boat and goes walking to Jesus. Peter then sees that what he is doing is pretty danged amazing and it’s getting windy. Peter starts to sink. He started thinking of what MIGHT happen, and forgot what WAS happening, he was walking on water!

NoFearI kind of relate to Peter. Peter was a big, tough guy. Peter was also fearful. Peter could live in the moment, but he also could get lost in his fear and really blow it. He messed up a lot. This week, I blew it, despite having some really good moments. Yes, It’s not that uncommon for me to mess up either.

i don’t really want to go into details, other than to say I let fear boggle me and mess things up. So the lesson I learned, when you have fear, feel it, recognize it, cast it aside and do the bold thing.

The bold thing might be giving someone a kind word. It might be giving someone a hug. It might be standing up for the innocent. It might be telling someone you love them. It could be walking away from an argument. It could be any number of things. I do know, if you choose the bold option, if you choose to live in the moment without fear, there is a lot more reward and a lot less headache and heartache.

Take courage. Be bold. Live in the moment.

Living in the moment…

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Sometimes… I forget. There is right now and if I don’t look around and take it in, I miss it. I never get these moments back.

Right now I am sitting in my backyard. it’s 68 degrees. There are mosquitos here and there. I am listening to a pair of Mourning doves chatting about the day. There are other small birds flitting about looking for bugs and such to tide them over through the night. My neighbor is working on his motorcycle. I have to admit, the new pipe sounds nice. Zoë is watering the shrubbery and humming a tune.

I am here just taking it all in and for the moment, at least, things are really good.IMG_7286

Lately I’ve been thinking about how many things I’ve missed in pursuit of a career and success. I am successful by most standards and yet, I sometimes feel regret that perhaps I set aside what is important to get to this place. I love my job and the school that I’ve been trusted with. But sometimes I wonder, what if?

Ultimately, the what ifs don’t matter much anymore. I can’t go back.

I can go forward, but this year there have been a lot of fellows my age just drop dead, heart stopped, dead, gone. And while I hope that isn’t my fate at this age, I am not guaranteed tomorrow. So that leaves me with today. Right now. Live in the moment, because that’s really all I have.

Planning is necessary, absolutely. I just can’t put my eggs all in that basket.

I’m going to challenge myself and you who are reading to spend time this week living in the moment. Looking around at what is happening NOW and see if it gives you any insight. I think it might.  Carry a journal or notebook with you this week and take some time each day to write about a moment in which you are fully engaged. I’d love to hear about it.

Keep moving forward…

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Welcome back.

This week I have been struggling with what to write in this space. My drafts have been clunky and blah and I have not found much inspiration in them. It’s been work to get words on the page. I guess sometimes you get what you get.

Applying a critical eye or falling asleep... Who knows?

I believe that when the writing gets hard it’s pretty important to keep at it. I’ve often taken breaks from writing when the going gets tough. One or two days turns into a week, turns into a month. I find that I must set aside 30 minutes (an arbitrary amount of time I chose) to write every day or I get lazy and sidetracked from making any forward progress.

As I write this, I’ve realized that this idea relates to almost everything I do. Writing, exercise, relationships, yard work, all requires a stick-to-it mentality and a time commitment on a regular basis or the quality of the outcome suffers. I’m certain that daily practice in the things that matter is a key to success.

I sometimes find myself sinking into, what a great friend called, a “jaded worldview”. It’s the debilitating view that everything is pointless, meaningless, and generally icky. It’s a dark and negative outlook that reeks with dark notes of vapid sarcasm. When I have a jaded worldview it limits my desire to practice the things I know help me move forward. To combat the jaded worldview I decided to adopt the practice of the “Disciplines of Heart” I read about on Michael Hyatt’s blog. If you are interested in “self-improvement”, Michael has a vast collection of good ideas.

The “Disciplines of Heart”: Reflection, Rest, Recreation and Relationships make sense to me because much of what I am doing to maintain sanity in life falls nicely under these categories. The disciplines simply help me focus on doing a few things really well. 

This blog is an output for the Reflection discipline. In my week of writing and contemplating the world, what comes out here is a reflection of sorts. The blog is also a form of Recreation.  The act of writing and noodling with words is fun. I believe it also plays a part in the Relationship discipline, in that, it’s a way to connect with you and learn together (although I think face to face relationships are the focus).

In the spirit of learning together, I thought I’d share the things I’m currently reading and listening to for my own self-improvement. This week I’m reading, Children and Other Wild Animals: Notes on badgers, otters, sons, hawks, daughters, dogs, bears, air, bobcats, fishers, mascots, Charles Darwin, newts, … tigers and various other zoological matters by Brian Doyle. I continue to listen to Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. I’ve cut back on the number of books I have going at any given time in the hope of actually finishing books. It’s an effort to move from being a starter to also being a finisher. From time to time I may do a mid-week post reviewing these books, or albums or whatever catches my attention. 

I’m hoping your week is full of adventure. Leave a response to tell me what you do to combat the “jaded worldview”.

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So what’s it all about?

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RESONATE: to relate harmoniously : strike a chord

Every once in awhile I write something and it sticks in my mind, it strikes a chord deep inside. These are the things that resonate with me.

The title One Sure Chord came from a conversation I was having with a friend and it stuck in my mind. It's the idea of that one thing that resonates with you and won't let go. For me, my One Sure Chord is writing. I have tried to avoid it, but I keep coming back to it. It is the way I have learned to process my thinking. and sometimes that process is slow and clunky but it works for me. I want to share my One Sure Chord with you. Resonance is the ability to evoke images, memories and/or emotions and this is one of my goals with the blog. To resonate with you so that you will echo back and share your story.

I hope this will be about more than just me and what I think. I want to know what your One Sure Chord is. What is the thing or idea that you can't escape. The thing that keeps pursuing you, no matter how fast or far you run in the opposite direction. The thing that draws you in, that makes you feel right with the world. You might think this is about your passion and maybe you could call it that, it is the thing that you were made to do. The One Sure Chord that resonates in and through you for the benefit of yourself and others.

I have a friend who asked me what I wish and I wrote an answer. When I went back later and read my answer, this is what jumped off the page.

I’m tired of religion. I want relationship. I’m tired of safe, I want EPIC adventure. I’m tired of repetition. I want the unknown. I’m tired of dying. I want to live.

For me… This blog is a step toward that end. My One Sure Chord, the thing that resonates in and through me are the ideas that I share through writing. I am not going to limit those ideas to one “category” but I will tag posts so you can find the things you are interested in and skip the things you aren't. I do hope you will join me and chat with me and tell me about what is resonating in and through you.

Come along!