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Distracted by the silliest things.

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I have another blog… I know… it’s kind of like a confession. Like I’m admitting to having a mistress. It’s true. I have another blog.

The blog is called A Bike in the Rain. I created it to chronicle my 30 Days of Biking exploits.

30 Days of Biking is simply a site that asks you to pledge to ride your bike every day for 30 days. It happens every April and it’s kind of fun… for more info on 30 Days of Biking or to pledge to ride goto

I really wanted to have A Bike in the Rain show up on it’s own page here at, but I just can’t figure out how to make that happen. And it’s not for lack of trying. I have been messing with plugins and widgets for several days and I haven’t been able to make this thing do what I want.

I have been completely distracted by that effort and I have been putting off the writing… Surprise, right?

I was thinking about how often I do that though. I let the silliest things distract me from what is truly important. I think some people would call it procrastination. I am starting to see it as a way to deal with fear. I put things off because I am afraid about how those things will turn out. It seems many of us do that. It’s easier to be distracted and not think of the work at hand that to face the dread that we have for the outcome of the work at hand.

E-mail used to be my biggest distractor, now it think it might be my phone. I am always amazed at how many things my phone can do. It is so much more powerful than my very first “real” computer. and it was 1/8th the price and it’s 1/100th the size. It’s 1000 times more powerful too. and with all that power and convenience comes hundreds and thousands of APPS. Apps are the bane of my existence. They are so easy to get and so enticing and many are so addictive.

I never played “Candy Crush” because I knew I would just sit there and crush candy until my eyes were bugging out of my head. It would have been horrible. Instead I play a completely pointless war game. When I say pointless, I mean, I have no idea what the intended outcome even is. It’s dumb. But I do it, to avoid other things.

I put off the important work by letting myself be distracted by the silly stuff. It is one thing I know I need to change in order to improve my well being.

Do you ever find yourself being willingly distracted? What distracts you? Is your life better for the distraction, or are you missing out on greater things due to the distraction?

If you aren’t distracted at all, may I invite you to follow A Bike in the Rain for the 30 days of April? It’s nice to have a willing audience.


Getting a grip…

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This is a continuation of my last post, if you didn’t read the first post, you can go HERE to do so…



Yeah! Holy crap! Right?

And so there I am, about to cry, craving a coke to make it all feel better and realizing I am in a sort of pickle. Gaining weight took NO effort. I ate. I sat around. I grew. I knew, however, based on everything I’d seen, heard, read and done… losing weight takes effort and lots of it. HOW DID MY LIFE COME TO THIS?

I always have this feeling that people are reading this and thinking, “This guy is such a pig. How does a human being do that?” or “Poor fat slob… deserves everything he gets.” or “256.6? EEEEwwww!!!” I have that feeling, because it’s what I thought. My perception was that I was this fat, flabby, piglike pile of lipids and goo with no friends and no life and no one liked me…. WHAAAAA!!!! I pouted.

Pouting didn’t help. A week went by and the scale didn’t budge an inch. I recall a Friday rolling around and it was clear, warm, pleasant. I’d been messing around with riding the bike, but I had never really gone very far, very fast or with any real purpose. I threw a leg over and took off. I rode 5.7 miles. The next day I did it again. Sunday I did it again and then I realized that when you don’t ride consistently, there are anatomical structures that need time to adjust to the curious demands of bicycling. I took a day off, but really missed being on the bike. So it became something I looked forward to.

I didn’t lose any weight though. I felt stronger. I could breathe easier but the weight just stayed. Exercise is frustrating when you don’t see any change. I did start to listen to people who were saying, “Have you lost weight?” I wasn’t but people thought I was. Weird. Then I realized I felt stronger… and it occurred to me that perhaps muscle was replacing fat… which isn’t a bad thing.

I kept riding and stopped watching the scale. One week. Two weeks. Then, one morning, I was standing there waiting for the shower to warm up and saw the scale. I stepped on. It flashed and flashed and then said…. 250.8. It was a good morning.

I have ridden, gotten lazy, lifted weights, gotten lazy, taken long breaks, ridden some more and I’m losing weight slowly but surely. So there are some things I’ve learned.

Weight is one of those things that can be all-consuming and it shouldn’t be. I have the most success when I am riding regularly and not stressing about how I look or what the scale says. It really boils down to being sensible.

I’ve learned that consistency is a key. Consistently riding (or just being active), eating and resting make the most difference over time.

Ultimately the greatest things I have learned is that if I can set my mind to something I can accomplish the thing i set my mind to. Where there is a will, there is a way. And I have really great friends who love and respect who I am no matter what I look like. That’s pretty important as the story continues to unfold. More on that another time.

The New Year is Here!

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Happy new year.

One Sure Chord, the blog, kind flopped in 2014. I whined about Facebook and talked about cool things on Kickstarter. I had good intentions to write all the time but I never really got into the writing groove. I procrastinated. I read books. My life became busy and did not give me any time to breathe. I have decided to take back some of my time.

In the last several months I have been reading almost constantly (especially if “listening” to books counts) and I have realized several things about myself. I’m not who I thought I was. I have several bad habits. I am not always good to myself. I lack focus. I have big dreams. I have a set of values I live by, even though I never took the time to identify them until recently. Those things are not the topic of this post but will eventually make their way into the blog.  The real purpose of this post is to make a simple commitment.

Commitments are scary things. It’s making a promise, but when you call it a “commitment” it is like a really important promise, like those you make to a spouse or a significant other. The kind of thing that, if you don’t follow through, might get you stuck sleeping on the couch, or worse.

So, here goes, my commitment is:

I will write each week and post something of interest to me every Monday. I can do this. I committed to write a poem each day in the month of December and I was successful (except for the one day I wasn’t). In the instance where I was not successful, I forgave myself and moved on. Part of me thinks that I’m overplaying the idea of commitment. The reality in my mind right now is that there are probably three people who will read this and they might actually read this every Monday. For them, I am committed. If more people join in I will be happily even more committed.

Notice, I did say that the posts will be of interest to me. For now, this is important because if I am to actually do the writing, I have to write for myself first. I will be entertaining to me, and if you enjoy it, let me know. If you don’t, you were warned. I am currently thinking about bicycling, writing, health, fitness and graduate school just to give you an idea where things might be headed. I will not be writing about the Common Core standards because I don’t want to.

The poetry challenge in December showed me a couple of things. Sometimes the product sucks, but I published it nonetheless. No one died. No one cried. It was what it was. I imagine if the whole world could have commented I would have found a few folks who wanted to point out how crappy a given poem might have been. I probably would have agreed. It also showed me that simply doing the activity, even when it was painfully hard, didn’t hurt me. I learned and It was good.

There’s a lot I could share, but I am going to save some of that so I have one or two future posts. I may post more often, but you can expect something, good, bad or ugly… on Monday. I shall leave you with one of my “December Dailies” poems so you get an idea of what lies ahead…. 🙂

The Pity Party Poem (12/11/14)

This is a poem.
It’s not very long.
It probably won’t rhyme.
The meter is off.

But it’s a poem,
because I say so!
It was written today.
Does anyone care?.

This poem,
Boring and uninspired,
doesn’t really matter

What good is this poem anyway?
It exists and sits alone,
bits and bytes on a lonely flash drive

©2014 Tim Geoghegan

An obligatory New Years post?

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Well, it’s 2014 and I made no resolutions, but there are five things I’m going to do this year to help promote my health and sanity.

5. Read a book each month. This is not to say that I will only read one book per month, but it is to say that I will choose a book that interests me and read it each month. Last year I read about 44 books and 2 of those were because I wanted to. Well, I suppose that all of them had the element of “want to” otherwise I wouldn’t have read them, but most of them were because someone else said I should. I didn’t choose them.

4. Limit my coffee and beer intake. Most of the time, around the new year, you see people “quitting” beer or coffee or soda or smoking or whatever it is that they enjoy but isn’t necessarily good for them. I am not a quitter. I can, however, work on self-discipline. Quitting something that you enjoy seems silly to me. I severely limited my intake of Coca-cola in the last 6 months and now I rarely miss it and I no longer crave it like I once did. I do enjoy a Coke every so often and I have a new appreciation for it. One cup of coffee per day is adequate and 3 pints of beer a week is plenty.

3. Keep a journal. I have been an on again, off again journaler over the last several years. I often attribute my lack of journaling to being too busy. I am of the mind that keeping a journal would have more benefits to me than this busy lifestyle I am leading. I see this as a way to slow down, reflect, enjoy and savor my life. This has become more important to me recently. I have felt like I miss a lot and what I don’t miss I can’t always remember. A journal can help.

2. Save some money. I like buying Christmas gifts for my family. I also like not having to pay a credit card bill. I did a good job of keeping spending under control in 2013, which is a minor victory for me. In 2014 I’d like to have 100% cash to fund my Christmas shopping. I have an idea about how I’ll attack this and perhaps in another post I’ll tell you how I plan to get there.

1. Exercise. I have two bikes and I am hoping to acquire a third this year. I like riding my bikes. I do not really have a “plan” for this, but I do have  couple programs I’d like to try out. Again, I’ll talk more about those in future posts (with this 500 words per day thing I’m doing, these “other” topics are precious).

Additionally, I am going to continue using Duolingo to pursue learning a second language. I am learning, or maybe I should say “relearning” Spanish. Once I feel adept I will begin learning German. Why? Well, why not?

So, What things are you going to do this year to promote your health and sanity? Share in the comments… I’d love to know.

Dragging my feet…

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Have you ever woke up in the morning feeling like you could conquer the world and by noon you have a completely different outlook and just wish you were back in bed? Me too.

This blog, this great idea that I’ve had percolating in my noggin for such a long time is kind of like that. In May, I took the plunge and got all set up to do this thing. Then I had a minor glitch and I LET it set me way back. Metaphorically speaking, the car was parked along the road and I was hitchhiking back to civilization. Along the way I stopped at a pub or two and conveniently forgot where I’d left the car.


– The Gollum

It’s not that I can’t do this. It’s really more that I keep talking myself out of doing this. I tell myself, “This is a waste of time”, or “No one gives a honk about what you have to say.”, or “You SUCK! Give it up while you still can!” I’m a real jerk to myself and I let my Gollum convince me to quit. So I quit and then that little optimist starts working again.

I read a whole bunch of other people’s blogs and think, “I can do that.” and “Someone MIGHT enjoy something I write.” and “I gotta get this thing going again!”. And here I am, telling you this silly story. Why? Because I can. Because, if I don’t, the Gollum wins and I lose. There is also the possibility that I might someday say something that matters to someone. It would be a shame not to let that happen, for both of us.

I’ve been dragging my feet. I’ve been procrastinating. It must not continue. So… I will write something one day each week and post it here. If I do more, great. If I do less… well, that can’t happen. I’ll be writing about the thing that resonates with me at that moment, so you never know what you might get. But you will get something at least once a week.