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January 1, 2014… What now?

Published / by Tim

Well… It’s January 1.

2013 is in the books. All done.

I was thinking, just a little, about the year today. Thinking about what I accomplished. At first, I found myself feeling more bummed than happy. I realized that I missed many of my goals. Blogging, Ha. I wanted to ride my bike 1500 miles this year. Didn’t make it. I wanted to lose a specific amount of weight. Nope. I wanted to read a book each month, just for the pleasure of reading… uh… no. I wanted to clean up my office and keep it clean. Not even close.

With all of that, the temptation is, for me, to do one of two things. Make new goals and say to myself, “Self, get off your butt and do better this year.” (Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I have not ever really listened to myself). The other option is to eschew all “goal making” entirely. With no goals to make or miss I can feel successful either way (or at least I can try to tell myself that I will, which I have already pointed out is futile).

Being a rebel, I decided to go a third route. I’m just going to do stuff that matters to me and keep track of it. If I ride my bike, I’ll track it. If I write (like this) I’ll track it. If I read a book, I’ll track it. Just keeping track of what I’m doing seems like a better way to do things (at least when it comes to personal stuff.) At work, it seems like everyone thinks I need goals in order to justify my existence. Bah! Whatever!

If you read any other parts of this blog you will see that it is about the things that resonate or matter to me. And that is my re-commitment. To write about the things that matter to me.

Right now, what matters to me is getting back into the habit of writing every day. I did 1000 words a day for quite a while last year. It really took a toll on me. I burnt myself out on the “having to do it” part of the project and, in the end, just gave up. This year I am going to HTFU (If you don’t like “naughty” words, do not look it up) and go with 500 words a day. Writing 500 words, for me, is less than a half hour most days. Even when I was doing 1000 a day the first 500 were not the problem, the last 200 were. This idea of 500 words per day is not original to me though. Jeff Goins gave me the idea here… I’d invite you to check out Jeff’s page and then join me if you are so inclined.successful

More important than writing 500 words each day, let me encourage you to do something you love or are passionate about, each day, for a few minutes. Read, write, meditate, jog, bicycle, knit, or whatever it is that strikes your fancy and resonates with you. Find your One Sure Chord and let it play through you.

Happy new year.