Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure: Some posts include links to sponsors or affiliates (Like Amazon), which return to me a small percentage of the sale. You are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but when you do so it helps to support this site. THANKS!

Some things you should know:

I only post about products and services that I agree with, use, believe in, in which case I will likely use an affiliate link.

I won’t post affiliate links for things I don’t agree with, wouldn’t use or do not believe in.

I do not, will not, hide the fact that I use affiliate programs from my readers.

Making money is not evil – loving money is evil. I would like this space to MAKE enough to support itself and I don’t think that is evil. If you think it is, don’t use the link and we’ll both be ok.

I am working on living debt free and appreciate when readers use affiliate programs to help with that.

I WILL USE AFFILIATE LINKS. My readers should know that I won’t press them to purchase anything, but instead encourage them to only buy things they will actually use and can afford in their budget. They are 100% free to not use my affiliate links and to not make the purchase at all…because if it’s not in the budget you haven’t thought it through.

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