American Sentence Sunday #5

It is really your behaviour that determines whether you’re a patriot.

~Douglas Tompkins

I don’t care for political posts, but I do care when people treat each other poorly in the name of some nebulous political idea. This week I encountered a man who made some pretty significant and incorrect assumptions about me based on where I work and what I do for a living. As a “patriot” I suppose he felt justified in bashing me, my colleagues and my profession.  It was a frustrating experience. As I unpacked it for myself, in the evening, I jotted a half-dozen American Sentences about how I was feeling and what I was thinking. I thought I’d share a few here today.

Patriots should be characterized by their love of their countrymen. 

Since we have never spoken, you don’t know me well enough to judge me.

If you want me to believe, let your actions speak louder than your words.

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Have a great week!