American Sentence Sunday #4

Happy Sunday! I am back on schedule. I was genuinely embarrassed by my Thursday publication of AmSenSunday last week. Working out the glitches in my system is part of the process. I think we are golden now.

For your sabbath perusal, I come up with SEVEN American Sentences that hint at each of the seven deadly sins…

Why? Why not? I’m probably gonna have to answer for this someday.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

I tried on green today, but I find envy is not my best color.

Wanting a new iThing consumes too much of my time; always want more.

Come on now, is it so hard to believe I think I’m better than you?

A new Corvette arouses feelings in me that I just can’t explain. 

Thirty-two ounces of prime rib is just the beginning of my meal. 

Sleep is all I really want to do, today, tomorrow, or at all.

Syllables and words that will not cooperate make me so ANGRY!