December Dailies – Day 21 – Kyrielle

I may have run out of “easy” forms to work on. Today’s poem form, the Kyrielle (click here to learn more), seems like it should be easy. It wasn’t. When I thought I had it finished with a, not so common, abcb x 4 rime scheme I realized that I had not counted syllables correctly. I almost left it as is and claimed poetic license. I ultimately relented to the nagging little voice inside that kept telling me, “That would be cheating.”

I did decide to be a little looser than I was initially with the refrain. It needed to change a bit from stanza to stanza, or it felt wonky to me. I am not unhappy with this poem, but let me just remind you… this is a daily exercise. I am NOT claiming to have written great poems. I only claim to have written a poem today, which is more than a lot of people. I am content. Until tomorrow…

The poem:


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