December Dailies – Day 20 – Blitz poem

Today I tried something I’ve never tried before. Thanks to my helpful friends… 😉

The blitz poem (click here to learn more). It is a 50 line poem that builds on itself. I hav been making images of my poems mostly, but this particular poem is too long so I’m just typing it in the post. I am not sure it matters, but… whatever. I hope you enjoy this. It was fun to write and while I could probably tweak it around all night, I shall give you what I have.

The poem:

Wild on Wheels

Walk out of town
walk into the wild
wild times are coming
wild child inside
inside my mind
inside out
out and about
out of my mind
mind your manners
mind if I drive
drive you crazy
drive into the night
night time creatures
night lights burn
burn down the house
burn your dinner
dinner for two
dinner is served
served my time
served the papers
papers and string
papers for travel
travel far and wide
travel down the road
road to ruin
road through the desert
desert rose
desert oasis
oasis on the journey
oasis or a mirage
mirage on the horizon
mirages of the heart
heart of the matter
heart attack
attack the problem
attack of the killer donuts
donuts for breakfast
donuts and coffee
coffee and cream
coffee stained coat
coat of arms
coat of many colors
colors of the rainbow
colors spinning
spinning a yarn
spinning wheels
wheels of the mind
wheels keep on turning