December Dailies – Day 15 – old list poem.

I went to see Star Wars today after a ridiculously long day at work. I will say, I enjoyed the new episode of the Star Wars saga. It had plenty of action and enough nods to previous story points that it kept my attention. I’m not writing a review though, so lets talk about this poem. This poem was written sometime last year and dropped in a working folder I have. I have been going through my old poems and looking for ones I like that I haven’t made public before. This one I like. It’s a sort of list poem that has to do with hands. I decided to revise it and share it with you here.

I believe there was some specific inspiration for the poem, but I didn’t make notes about that, so I am going to guess that it occurred to me that there is a sort of hard/soft juxtaposition between male and female hands (generally speaking) and I tried to capture that. I also tried to capture something perhaps a little surprising. Maybe it’s not surprising,… I don’t know. Regardless, I hope you like it…

The poem: