December Dailies – Day 2 – Rispetto

Welcome back. It’s day 2, and I shall share with you my attempt at the Rispetto (Click here to learn more). It’s a fun little poetic form that poses a couple challenges. In the case of this particular poem, the meter of the lines is iambic tetrameter with an abab ccdd rhyme scheme. You can read more about the form at the link above…

This poetic form was requested by “Jane.”

And the poem for today:Rispetto 1

One thought on “December Dailies – Day 2 – Rispetto

  1. Amy Philipsen

    I had insomnia a couple times (does it count as insomnia if it’s only a couple times? Does it count if it’s self inflicted and chemically induced?) What I learned was that my demons wake up around 3am so it’s best if I’m asleep and not conscious for that, so I gave it up as a bad business. Although maybe if I hadn’t, I’d be able to write poetry. Nice one, Mr. G, you’re 2 for 2.

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