OSC has a new post? What gives?

It’s been awhile. I had an idea and thought I’d share it here.

For a few years, I have done what I call “December Dailies” to amuse myself.

December Dailies is a self-imposed writing event where I say I’m going to write a poem every day of December. In the past I have not shared these publicly (nor will I, so don’t ask).  It is also important to note that I have only completed the challenge once out of four years that I have attempted.

I decided to include some of my friends in the challenge. I have asked them to help me choose what poetic forms I will attempt and for their contribution I will be posting the Dailies here.

The list of poetic forms I shared with my friends to choose from is: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/list-of-50-poetic-forms-for-poets

When the people I invited to play, tell me which forms they would like to see, I will acknowledge them on the blog using a pseudonym I will assign. In this way, they can participate anonymously and still get a hat tip here. If they choose to divulge their pseudonym, that is their issue. 

If I start a poem, but can not complete it, I will publish whatever I came up with, and you can give it a go to finish in the comments if you are brave. Publishing a part poem will count toward completing the dailies. It’s my game, I’ll play it how I like… ;-P

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that any of the poems I produce will be fantastic.  They may be downright horrible, unreadable, and wonky.  I will have fun. If you do as well, I shall be happy. And yes, this is a shameless plug to get people to visit and perhaps subscribe to OneSureChord.com. It costs nothing but may turn out to be a good thing over time. So consider this an invitation to join me as I write through December and into the new year.

One last thing… All original poems published on OneSureChord.com are Copyright © 2017 by Tim Geoghegan unless otherwise noted and should not be used without permission.




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