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Getting Ready for December Dailies.

Published / by Tim

Since I am getting ready to do a series of posts and I am going to be encouraging participation in the way of comments, I thought I ought to review the guidelines for said comments. If you spend any time on FarceBook, you have probably seen the pages and pages of comments that are anything but helpful or kind. I don’t want to go down that road on this site.

As such, I have revised my Commenting Guidelines page. If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so now.

I’d love your input.  Let me know what you think of the guidelines in the comments on this post.


Ever find things you’d forgotten that make you smile?

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I know I have you all excited about the December Dailies that will be arriving soon… in the meantime, I was messing around and found something you might enjoy.

Yeah, It’s one of those little blessings in life. You find something that you forgot about entirely and when you rediscover it… well, it’s good. I just remembered I did a blog for a month or so in 2013 and it is somewhat funny. Well, to me… it’s chuckle-inducing.

Do you want to take a look? It took me about 30 minutes to peruse from beginning to end or from end to beginning as the case may be.

Enjoy! Or don’t. It’s up to you. Comment here if you like.

OSC has a new post? What gives?

Published / by Tim

It’s been awhile. I had an idea and thought I’d share it here.

For a few years, I have done what I call “December Dailies” to amuse myself.

December Dailies is a self-imposed writing event where I say I’m going to write a poem every day of December. In the past I have not shared these publicly (nor will I, so don’t ask).  It is also important to note that I have only completed the challenge once out of four years that I have attempted.

I decided to include some of my friends in the challenge. I have asked them to help me choose what poetic forms I will attempt and for their contribution I will be posting the Dailies here.

The list of poetic forms I shared with my friends to choose from is:

When the people I invited to play, tell me which forms they would like to see, I will acknowledge them on the blog using a pseudonym I will assign. In this way, they can participate anonymously and still get a hat tip here. If they choose to divulge their pseudonym, that is their issue. 

If I start a poem, but can not complete it, I will publish whatever I came up with, and you can give it a go to finish in the comments if you are brave. Publishing a part poem will count toward completing the dailies. It’s my game, I’ll play it how I like… ;-P

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that any of the poems I produce will be fantastic.  They may be downright horrible, unreadable, and wonky.  I will have fun. If you do as well, I shall be happy. And yes, this is a shameless plug to get people to visit and perhaps subscribe to It costs nothing but may turn out to be a good thing over time. So consider this an invitation to join me as I write through December and into the new year.

One last thing… All original poems published on are Copyright © 2017 by Tim Geoghegan unless otherwise noted and should not be used without permission.