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Girls and Super Bowl Ads…

Published / by Tim
There is this Super Bowl ad that upon first watch, caught my attention:

I gotta tell ya, on it’s surface… Great message, but…
Audi corporation… needs to put their money where there mouth is and hire female talent. It’s not about wages as much as it is about access in this case. Women could be paid handsomely as AUDI execs, but there just aren’t any there (I didn’t look very hard admittedly, but I didn’t see any women while I looked). That might be the bigger problem. Not wages but access to the jobs.
So I teach my kids… GO GET IT! My girls will have my support to kick ass and take names. I believe the day is coming that my or any girls will have equal access to any job in industry for which they have the skills.
It’s a great commercial, yet I want my girls to have not just equal pay, but equal RESPECT. That’s the change I want to see in the world. That’s where I’ll put my vote. That’s where I’ll put my time and effort as an influencer. 😉
Our girls deserve to be treated like people, not objects. What videos did YouTube serve up as “coming up” after this one? I bet the next videos were not so flattering to women. Matter of fact, three of the ten or so “up next” videos I saw listed were, “Top Ten Super Bowl Ads”, videos featuring a bikini clad women in the preview… There is the problem.
Thanks Audi, for not going there… but step it up Audi… you can do better. Lead by example in the real world, not just in the fairytale land of Super Bowl Ads…