End of the Year

Today, for a few hours, I was the only one at work.

I could hear the machinery of the building running. It’s like the mechanical heartbeat of the school The heartbeat that I rarely ever hear. But there it was, strong and even.

I could smell the grass seed harvest in the air. The barely visible dust will have blanketed the entire building in its hazy gray fluff within the week.

I could see the new paint freshening up the walls, making the place feel a little bit brighter and a little bit lighter and a lot more welcoming than it was a week ago.

i could feel the stillness of each empty classroom, and the quiet anticipation of what is yet to come.

I could taste the bygone year in my coffee mug. The one I rarely wash with soap, but always rinse with boiling water in the morning.

The end of the school year is great. It’s good to have some time away. It’s good being alone in an empty building reflecting on the past year. Successes and challenges alike. Bittersweet is the life of a principal. We need the time to step back, reflect and evaluate.

Today, more than anything, I realized I am already looking forward to the children returning. The noise of children learning is really where my energy comes from.