Who we are.

What defines you?

Is it your job? Your family? Your career? Your degrees? Your bank account? Your network?

I used to think it was these things that define me. I imagined that when people looked at me, they saw these other things.

I  no longer think that is true. I believe that the people who see me at all, see me for who I am in relationship to them. Husband. Father. Friend. Boss. These are all titles but underlying each title is a relationship.

I don’t actually think anyone cares about my degrees, or my network or any of those things that I once thought defined who I was in the world. It seems people care that I know them and that I can be trusted with who the are. I think if I were to violate that trust, it would also work to define me.

I believe that we best known by how we treat people not by what we have or have accomplished.

Who we are is defined by how we can be trusted. Everything we think, say and do with each other stems from trust. Influence comes from trust. Responsibility comes from trust. Relationships grow with trust.

We are creatures that thrive in environments of trust but do we act that way?

Who we are is defined by our willingness to trust and to be trustworthy.

This week I’ll be looking at trust in a few posts. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Who we are.

  1. Amy

    Boy, you just slipped in under the wire on this one. Interesting topic though, I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Neal

    We are the person who shows up every day. Know me on Thursday then know me next April and you’ll know two different people. Know me from Thursday to next April and what endures is who I am. The other stuff was just transient inner monologue bubbling out, much of it best forgotten.

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