The Monday that just wouldn’t.

I have been thinking about this blog post all week. It just isn’t materializing. Well, let’s say that it has materialized multiple times, but my internal editorial review mechanism isn’t allowing any of what has materialized to become a post.

Draft 1. Too critical and negative.

Draft 2. I would like some cheese with the whine.

Draft 3. Lacking direction and focus.

Draft 4. The revision was worse than draft 3.

Draft 5. Self righteous.

Draft 6. Self-indulgent.

Draft 7. Sanctimonious

Draft 8. Is this one right here…

Yeah, this post is going nowhere, or so it seems.

Ever feel like that in life? Where you wake up with the best intentions and by the time you walk in the door at work you know that the day is off to a rocky start? What do you do then? My temptation with this post was to simply say, “Yeah, I’m not writing anything. So there.” But who does that hurt?

Not doing something because it is difficult is no way to live. There is always something to learn. Sometimes it seems that life makes us work for every inch of progress. That’s ok though. During the great american gold rush, thousands of would be millionaires set out in search of fortune. The fortune came easy for some, they got lucky.  There was, however, a vast majority who struck it rich who had to work hard, dig deep, chip away at every boulder in the way in order to find the gold.

Writing this blog, and perhaps writing in general is like that. For some it seems easy. but for most of us, it’s hard. It takes showing up. It takes patience, fortitude, perseverance and the willingness to show up again and again.

Well, I showed up. The ideas showed up too. Now if we could just get on the same page, everything will be hunky-dory. If you are feeling like things are on a dead-end road, look a little closer. What’s standing between you and the gold? Go after it. Don’t stop. Some days will be blah but eventually you will strike a rich vein and it will make the plodding days worth while.

Keep going!

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