Living in the moment…

Sometimes… I forget. There is right now and if I don’t look around and take it in, I miss it. I never get these moments back.

Right now I am sitting in my backyard. it’s 68 degrees. There are mosquitos here and there. I am listening to a pair of Mourning doves chatting about the day. There are other small birds flitting about looking for bugs and such to tide them over through the night. My neighbor is working on his motorcycle. I have to admit, the new pipe sounds nice. Zoë is watering the shrubbery and humming a tune.

I am here just taking it all in and for the moment, at least, things are really good.IMG_7286

Lately I’ve been thinking about how many things I’ve missed in pursuit of a career and success. I am successful by most standards and yet, I sometimes feel regret that perhaps I set aside what is important to get to this place. I love my job and the school that I’ve been trusted with. But sometimes I wonder, what if?

Ultimately, the what ifs don’t matter much anymore. I can’t go back.

I can go forward, but this year there have been a lot of fellows my age just drop dead, heart stopped, dead, gone. And while I hope that isn’t my fate at this age, I am not guaranteed tomorrow. So that leaves me with today. Right now. Live in the moment, because that’s really all I have.

Planning is necessary, absolutely. I just can’t put my eggs all in that basket.

I’m going to challenge myself and you who are reading to spend time this week living in the moment. Looking around at what is happening NOW and see if it gives you any insight. I think it might.  Carry a journal or notebook with you this week and take some time each day to write about a moment in which you are fully engaged. I’d love to hear about it.