I should run for president…

I am hereby announcing that I will run for president. I have no budget. I have no political experience, unless being a public school principal counts. I have an aversion to government involvement in my life.

I like guns.

I like Israel.

I like small businesses.

I like the military.

I like people.

I dislike terrorists.

I dislike nuclear weapons.

I dislike being lied to.

I think we should tend to our own issues before we try to fix everyone else’s issues.

I do not believe that being an American makes me smarter than the rest of the world.

Education is important. Standardized tests… not so much.

I like God and I like that He doesn’t force us to believe in him.

I dunno… It’s pretty thin.

Maybe I’ll just go fishing… Let the politicians have it.


3 thoughts on “I should run for president…

  1. Tim

    Well, I’d like to thank my dear supporters, Should I get another hundred million + votes I promise to be a benevolent leader.

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