I’m Happy!

And it might be because I am a principal… says USA today HERE

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At first you might think this is crazy talk… I mean, aren’t principals just a bunch of stressed out grumps? Not including yours truly, of course. I have to tell you, being a principal really is a pretty good job.

I get to work with interesting people every day. I get to hear every good thing that happens in a lot of families lives. I get to know some bad things too, but it’s kind of nice to walk through that with people and see them get through it, stronger than they were.

I get to have interesting conversations with just about everyone I meet. Kids tell me about the latest adventure they have been on. Parents ask about standards, tests, report cards and discipline of all the naughty students in their child’s class. Teachers are just interesting. Given what they do on a day to day basis , there is never a shortage of comedic material. Other principals are always good therapy. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that everyone in politics is going looney. People who aren’t in schools are REALLY interesting because they always have the solutions to the problems I didn’t even know I had. I’m kidding… sort of.

I know how to fix a lot of things that I never thought I’d need to know how to fix, like the flush mechanism on a urinal, and the funny little clutch thing on the end of a roll up A/V screen. I know how to unclog toilets that are full to the brim with toilet paper and how to clean up puke without getting it on me in any way. I know how to catch pigeons who have found their way into the staff room. I know how to turn the pump for the well back on after a power outage. I know how to track down underground bees nests and I know what to do when a lizard sticks his head out of the floor drain in the kitchen. The job has many facets.

Being the principal brings with it some interesting juxtapositions… Kids love you and are terrified of you. Parents trust you, but don’t tell you much. Teachers like you when you make decisions and they dislike you when you make decisions. A lot of people think you make “the big bucks” and yet those same people might be heard to say that they wouldn’t do the job for a million dollars (I don’t know any principals who make a million bucks…)

Anyway, I’m just talking here, because you know, being the principal is a great job but it’s lonely sometimes. The principal knows everyone’s secrets and never tells a soul. The principal knows the bad things that happen every day for some kids and will still smile and laugh at jokes. The principal has to be better than good, because the children are watching. It’s hard to be superman without having a mild mannered alter ego to fall back on when you need to relax.

I really love being the principal. USA today is right. It’s a great job. It’s just not for everybody.