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Distracted by the silliest things.

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I have another blog… I know… it’s kind of like a confession. Like I’m admitting to having a mistress. It’s true. I have another blog.

The blog is called A Bike in the Rain. I created it to chronicle my 30 Days of Biking exploits.

30 Days of Biking is simply a site that asks you to pledge to ride your bike every day for 30 days. It happens every April and it’s kind of fun… for more info on 30 Days of Biking or to pledge to ride goto

I really wanted to have A Bike in the Rain show up on it’s own page here at, but I just can’t figure out how to make that happen. And it’s not for lack of trying. I have been messing with plugins and widgets for several days and I haven’t been able to make this thing do what I want.

I have been completely distracted by that effort and I have been putting off the writing… Surprise, right?

I was thinking about how often I do that though. I let the silliest things distract me from what is truly important. I think some people would call it procrastination. I am starting to see it as a way to deal with fear. I put things off because I am afraid about how those things will turn out. It seems many of us do that. It’s easier to be distracted and not think of the work at hand that to face the dread that we have for the outcome of the work at hand.

E-mail used to be my biggest distractor, now it think it might be my phone. I am always amazed at how many things my phone can do. It is so much more powerful than my very first “real” computer. and it was 1/8th the price and it’s 1/100th the size. It’s 1000 times more powerful too. and with all that power and convenience comes hundreds and thousands of APPS. Apps are the bane of my existence. They are so easy to get and so enticing and many are so addictive.

I never played “Candy Crush” because I knew I would just sit there and crush candy until my eyes were bugging out of my head. It would have been horrible. Instead I play a completely pointless war game. When I say pointless, I mean, I have no idea what the intended outcome even is. It’s dumb. But I do it, to avoid other things.

I put off the important work by letting myself be distracted by the silly stuff. It is one thing I know I need to change in order to improve my well being.

Do you ever find yourself being willingly distracted? What distracts you? Is your life better for the distraction, or are you missing out on greater things due to the distraction?

If you aren’t distracted at all, may I invite you to follow A Bike in the Rain for the 30 days of April? It’s nice to have a willing audience.


Moving on…

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So, after my last post I was going to talk a little about the reasons we don’t ask questions… but the more I thought about it, the more I thought  the reasons I gave in the original post seem pretty self-explanatory. I’m going to do something else with this post.

For me, the hardest part of maintaining this blog is that I have not set a regular time for writing. Instead, I rely on filling the “spare” moments I have to do some writing. While this shouldn’t be problematic, it is. I end up “not writing” too often.

In order to combat avoidance I am scheduling time to write on the blog specifically, each week.

I was also beginning to believe that not having a “focus” for the blog was making the actual writing more difficult. I have all these ideas, but I find myself pre-editing and deciding what you all may or may not want to read. Perhaps I should quit worrying and just write…

I was listening to Billy Collins (Former poet laureate of the United States) talk about how he writes. He writes for himself and doesn’t worry much about the bigger audience. I found myself thinking, “Well, that’s fine for a poet who already has a huge following…” and I realized I’m worried about what you think.

While I like you all very much, especially if you have stopped by to read this, I just can’t worry about what you like or don’t like. It’s stressing me out. I’m gonna keep writing but it will be for me first…

Hope you choose to come along, but if you don’t, I’m ok with that.


Always Asking Questions?

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Why is it that we so often have questions bopping around in our heads and yet we fail to ask them?

I’m guilty of this. I will be talking to someone or listening to my wife,  a speaker, my boss, a colleague or a friend and I’ll have all these questions come up. I let the questions tumble around in the thinkbox and then I forget them.

Every once in a while, the question is so important to me that my body even reacts. My heart quickens, my palms sweat, the blood thrums in my ears… it’s like a signal from my unconscious self to ask, to speak up. And I ignore it.

It seems that most of the time we don’t ask the questions out of fear.  Fear manifests in many ways but I can identify the following three in my experience.

I don’t want to look dumb. I want to appear competent.

I don’t want to feel humiliated. I want to feel worthy.

I don’t want to change. I want to maintain stability.

This week I’ll take a little time to talk about each of these three fears. I invite your questions. Yes, there will be a couple more posts than usual.

See you soon.

I’m Happy!

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And it might be because I am a principal… says USA today HERE

If you like video… you might like this…

At first you might think this is crazy talk… I mean, aren’t principals just a bunch of stressed out grumps? Not including yours truly, of course. I have to tell you, being a principal really is a pretty good job.

I get to work with interesting people every day. I get to hear every good thing that happens in a lot of families lives. I get to know some bad things too, but it’s kind of nice to walk through that with people and see them get through it, stronger than they were.

I get to have interesting conversations with just about everyone I meet. Kids tell me about the latest adventure they have been on. Parents ask about standards, tests, report cards and discipline of all the naughty students in their child’s class. Teachers are just interesting. Given what they do on a day to day basis , there is never a shortage of comedic material. Other principals are always good therapy. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that everyone in politics is going looney. People who aren’t in schools are REALLY interesting because they always have the solutions to the problems I didn’t even know I had. I’m kidding… sort of.

I know how to fix a lot of things that I never thought I’d need to know how to fix, like the flush mechanism on a urinal, and the funny little clutch thing on the end of a roll up A/V screen. I know how to unclog toilets that are full to the brim with toilet paper and how to clean up puke without getting it on me in any way. I know how to catch pigeons who have found their way into the staff room. I know how to turn the pump for the well back on after a power outage. I know how to track down underground bees nests and I know what to do when a lizard sticks his head out of the floor drain in the kitchen. The job has many facets.

Being the principal brings with it some interesting juxtapositions… Kids love you and are terrified of you. Parents trust you, but don’t tell you much. Teachers like you when you make decisions and they dislike you when you make decisions. A lot of people think you make “the big bucks” and yet those same people might be heard to say that they wouldn’t do the job for a million dollars (I don’t know any principals who make a million bucks…)

Anyway, I’m just talking here, because you know, being the principal is a great job but it’s lonely sometimes. The principal knows everyone’s secrets and never tells a soul. The principal knows the bad things that happen every day for some kids and will still smile and laugh at jokes. The principal has to be better than good, because the children are watching. It’s hard to be superman without having a mild mannered alter ego to fall back on when you need to relax.

I really love being the principal. USA today is right. It’s a great job. It’s just not for everybody.

Dr. Seuss would be sad.

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I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. ~Dr. Seuss

Like everything, too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. Today they served green eggs and ham at school for lunch. I suppose it was novel, but the thought of eating Kelly green eggs, well, I do not like it Sam I am.

All week there will be Dr. Seuss activities going on and while I totally support these activities, the thing we need to take away from them is often overlooked. Children need a little nonsense or fantasy to wake up the brain cells. As a nation, we are moving away from the nonsense of fantasy and into the nonsense of over testing. The testing kind of nonsense puts the brain cells to sleep, increases cortisol production and overall leads to fat, stressed out, bored children.

We have been looking through the right end of the telescope to try to compare our kids to the rest of the world. I suggest we turn that sucker around look the wrong way through it and let our kids figure out how and where they will fit in the world.

The Dr. put it nicely…