Planning for the year.

Well… a couple readers asked about my bicycling plans for 2015. I always get a little nervous sharing long-term plans because it’s kind of like putting them in cement. So let me be clear, this is my tentative plan for the year.

The Monster Cookie Metric 60 miles

The Willamette Valley Scenic Byway 132 miles

Strawberry Century 100 miles

ALS ride 100 miles

Oregon Coast Bicycle route 360 miles

Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway 133 miles

Six BIG rides and some fund-raising  for a worthy cause… It really should be a good year if I can pull it all off…

In the mean time I have gently begun riding base miles. I am not totally compelled that putting in a ton of random miles will be of the greatest benefit to me. I actually think fewer quality miles with some other fitness work will do more to prepare me for these rides. I think I’ll have to do a separate post on that topic. The whys and wherefores….

I am excited to announce that I have a sponsorship for this year of riding. One of my all time favorite products is Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration mix. This year I am proud to be using and promoting Skratch Labs products and lifestyle. I am opting to move away from the widely accepted practice of using goo, gel and other super processed carbohydrate supplements and instead using real food, made at home from real ingredients. I have noticed that in the last year as I have begun to adopt this philosophy I have felt better on and off the bike. There will be more to come about Skratch Labs.

So, that’s the outline of the plan. It feels ambitious. It feels a little scary. I think it will push me and that will yield a good result. More on that  as we go…