The New Year is Here!

Happy new year.

One Sure Chord, the blog, kind flopped in 2014. I whined about Facebook and talked about cool things on Kickstarter. I had good intentions to write all the time but I never really got into the writing groove. I procrastinated. I read books. My life became busy and did not give me any time to breathe. I have decided to take back some of my time.

In the last several months I have been reading almost constantly (especially if “listening” to books counts) and I have realized several things about myself. I’m not who I thought I was. I have several bad habits. I am not always good to myself. I lack focus. I have big dreams. I have a set of values I live by, even though I never took the time to identify them until recently. Those things are not the topic of this post but will eventually make their way into the blog.  The real purpose of this post is to make a simple commitment.

Commitments are scary things. It’s making a promise, but when you call it a “commitment” it is like a really important promise, like those you make to a spouse or a significant other. The kind of thing that, if you don’t follow through, might get you stuck sleeping on the couch, or worse.

So, here goes, my commitment is:

I will write each week and post something of interest to me every Monday. I can do this. I committed to write a poem each day in the month of December and I was successful (except for the one day I wasn’t). In the instance where I was not successful, I forgave myself and moved on. Part of me thinks that I’m overplaying the idea of commitment. The reality in my mind right now is that there are probably three people who will read this and they might actually read this every Monday. For them, I am committed. If more people join in I will be happily even more committed.

Notice, I did say that the posts will be of interest to me. For now, this is important because if I am to actually do the writing, I have to write for myself first. I will be entertaining to me, and if you enjoy it, let me know. If you don’t, you were warned. I am currently thinking about bicycling, writing, health, fitness and graduate school just to give you an idea where things might be headed. I will not be writing about the Common Core standards because I don’t want to.

The poetry challenge in December showed me a couple of things. Sometimes the product sucks, but I published it nonetheless. No one died. No one cried. It was what it was. I imagine if the whole world could have commented I would have found a few folks who wanted to point out how crappy a given poem might have been. I probably would have agreed. It also showed me that simply doing the activity, even when it was painfully hard, didn’t hurt me. I learned and It was good.

There’s a lot I could share, but I am going to save some of that so I have one or two future posts. I may post more often, but you can expect something, good, bad or ugly… on Monday. I shall leave you with one of my “December Dailies” poems so you get an idea of what lies ahead…. 🙂

The Pity Party Poem (12/11/14)

This is a poem.
It’s not very long.
It probably won’t rhyme.
The meter is off.

But it’s a poem,
because I say so!
It was written today.
Does anyone care?.

This poem,
Boring and uninspired,
doesn’t really matter

What good is this poem anyway?
It exists and sits alone,
bits and bytes on a lonely flash drive

©2014 Tim Geoghegan

2 thoughts on “The New Year is Here!

  1. Amy

    I was just looking at Feedly yesterday and wondered about your blog then, lo and behold, here it is 🙂 I’m glad you haven’t given up on the writing.

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