3 days off FB – This is kinda like quitting (insert your favorite vice here)!

Instead of doing Facebook stuff today I took the family and saw some nature (pictures below).

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I truly am going to get off the subject of leaving FB soon, but I still have observations to share that may prove interesting to someone. Heck, if they are only interesting to me, at least 20 percent of my current follower base will be entertained… 🙂

First – People say they miss you, but they can’t really explain why. This is a weird phenomenon:

Them: Whoa, you left Facebook!

Me: Yep. It was taking too much time and I wanted to spend my time doing other things.

Them: I TOTALLY miss you on FB…

Me: Really, what do you miss? (I’d be hoping it was something important so I could justify a return.)

Them: You know… you unfriended me, and I miss you.

Me: But we are talking right now, like friends talk to each other.

Them: Whoa, that’s true… But I still miss you on FB.

Second – It’s kind of amazing what sorts of rituals we get into when it comes to our digital lives and how we have no idea until we toss a monkey wrench into the works. I would wake up, grab the phone and see how many “likes” i got on the content I had scheduled to post at times convenient to my “friends”. I’d read some of the comments that came in. I’d see who else was on. I’d say “hi” to one or two and have a little good day chit chat, always stopping short of inviting them for a pre-work coffee, because that would just be weird, right? Then I’d read the newest content my “friends” had posted, much of it being memes, photos of cats with silly captions or political rants/raves.  I’d get ready and go to work or do other stuff. Checking FB on my phone approximately 30 times per day. I know, it’s sad.

Third – You can survive without Facebook (Because there is always Google +) Hahaha!!! I’m only sort of kidding… I use Google stuff ALL the time, except for android because it’s lame. I realized that with my Google account, there is a tight link to Google+ which is still a social network for geeks and weirdos who watch Dr. Who (I claim this group as my own, BTW). It is no Facebook and although I have access, I don’t find a desire to check it more than a couple times a week. Google communication apps are cool. Hangouts holds a lot of promise.

Fourth – I have never tried to quit smoking so I’m only guessing here, but I imagine quitting FB is kind of like that, except they don’t make drugs to help. (I am told that there are drugs that could help, but I don’t live in Washington or Colorado). You know how I said I’d check FB 30 times a day? I wasn’t necessarily doing it because I consciously wanted to… it was unconscious until I brought it back to the conscious level with a bit of hard nosed data collection for several days. Granted, I was on vacation so checking it was fairly easy and unobtrusive in my day to day functioning… but it was still a LOT of checking to see silly stuff.

Anyway- I’m still here and 99.9% FB free. I admit I have logged in to FB once to add a post to the School page and I was happy to see that 6 people had liked that I’d left (wait a second…) and another 5 or 6 has left a smarty alecky responses to my declaration of FB independence… (That’s more like it). I hope the people who “liked” that I’m gone were only liking in a solidarity sense… See, it just makes us paranoid!

What do you think? Does FB make our lives better and I’m just not seeing it? Do you ever feel that social media paranoia creeping in? Tell me what you think in the comments…

4 thoughts on “3 days off FB – This is kinda like quitting (insert your favorite vice here)!

  1. Amy

    I tried to”like” this but apparently I need an account or something. So I have to comment instead – way more work that I would not have had to do on Facebook…

  2. Tim

    But an articulate comment is so much more meaningful. 🙂 I sure appreciate that you took the time to let me know how this was working for you. 🙂

  3. Amy

    I have decided I miss the idea of you on Facebook, there are a limited number of people I visit with online. However, I haven’t been on there as much myself because summer and family and books so in reality, I may not have noticed you were gone if not for the blog post. So there you go, an actual explanation.

    Here’s what I think. Most of my Facebook friends are posting more links and less of their own words. It’s much less fun. I feel no paranoia. Possibly because I don’t care enough about social media. I check it once or twice a day so I don’t miss anything interesting but rarely have something to say so I guess I shouldn’t complain when others don’t either… I’m assuming it will be more active when the weather gets cold but if not, I may wander off. I would like to say it’s my superior moral fiber that prevents a Facebook addiction but I fear it’s just that my capacity for vices has been filled in other ways. I also lack a smartphone which is limiting as well.

  4. Tim

    Well, I have to admit, there are aspects of the Facebook experience that I miss. Like you it is the “chat” more than the reading of posts. Heck, I was one of the guilty parties sharing links that were of interest to me, but without any real commentary. Of course the comments of others would sometimes lead to lively banter, but regularly it did not. I ended up with a timeline full of links no one but me cared about.

    I liked hijacking threads occasionally, and there are people on FB who I only talk to in that medium. Part of me thinks that is silly. Part of me thinks I ought to be more proactive in “getting together” with people. And I should, no doubt. I just wonder if there isn;t some value in the electronic friendship. I don’t have an answer to that right now. I do miss a few friends who are FB buddies who can be counted upon for some wonderful smartassery! If I do perchance jump back in to the FB world I will be very selective about who I allow into the circle. and I will find ways to take important conversations to the real world.

    Thanks Amy, you have good thoughts.

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