I’m a Kickstarter Junkie…

Well, only three months since my last post. In three months I’ve had a ton of ideas and lots of time to write, but I am battling my procrastination demons.

KSphotoSo, what’s on my mind right now? I just realized that I’m a sucker for Kickstarter. I have now officially backed 27 projects, 25 of which were actually successful. Because they are successful does not always mean I’m happy with the outcome, but by and large, I am pleased with the results of the campaigns I have backed.

My (current) top three faves are:

Fix-it-stix – Which were first a simple set of bits that fit in these clever little “sticks” that when put together made a nifty t-handled wrench. The first iteration was cool, but did not allow for changing of the bits. The second iterations are on their way soon and allow bits to be changed. Very clever and useful.

Ironthread – American Slim Wallet – Mine arrived today… and it’s pretty cool.








I got most of the stuff that was in my old wallet (At twice the size) Into this handsome little piece of work. I did have to get rid of a few things, but they were the loyalty cards that I never use (Ironic, loyalty cards…)

and finally…

The Tap-it Cap – A beer growlers best friend… and no more flat beer in 24 hours… I figure I have already saved the cost of my pledge by being able to savor all the beer I bought but couldn’t finish in one sitting.

So, what is it about Kickstarter that really gets me jazzed? I think it’s the desire to see regular people have the chance to be exceptional. The three campaigns I listed above are the three that I get the most daily use out of right now, but all of the projects had an element to them that inspired me, made me think of greater possibilities. I am excited about a current project I backed that will deliver in October… Barrel Aged Sriracha sauce (rooster sauce). The campaigner had this idea to barrel age this sauce that I really didn’t think could be improved upon. The thing is, I don’t know if their sauce will be an improvement, but the “what if” is what hooked me.

I kind of feel like it’s a way to root for the underdog with my cash. Putting my money to work to make new and interesting things that add value to our ordinary, everyday lives. I keep thinking that maybe even I might have a Kickstarter project somewhere inside me… What about you? I’ll be on the lookout!