Tea for two…

I was out with Mrs. during the Christmas holiday and we ran across a vendor of teas at a local artisan fair. It was a brisk evening and we were both wrapped up in layers of warmth and it seemed that even still, the cold was getting through. The fine young man behind the counter offered us a small cup of “Harmony” tea. I am not really a tea guy. I like coffee, good coffee, strong coffee. However, at that moment, I was happy to have anything warm to drink.

I took the cup and as I sipped gingerly, so as not to burn my mouth, I noticed the smell of honey mingled with mint. It dazzled my senses. As I drank a bit deeper I noted lavender and hints of lemon. I also detected an apple undertone that I later found out may have been the chamomile that is in the blend. Above all, I noted that the tea was delightfully sweet right out of the pot.

There is something comforting about a warm beverage on a cold night, but this was not only comforting, it was thrilling. It was a lively blend that, while bright and cheerfully sweet, was not overstimulating. It was brilliantly calming and soothing. We spoke to the vendor about the where and the who and the what of their teas and eventually succumbed to the cold. We headed back to the room and the warmth of the fire. I could not stop thinking of the tea.

As with many things in my life, the next morning I could not quite remember the name of the vendor, but I could remember that he said they are based in Scotts Mills, Oregon. I knew I had heard of Scotts Mills, but I had no idea where it was. It was the thing that would lead me back to find the vendor. The Tippin Teacup.

The next morning, after a lovely breakfast at the Oregon Garden Resort restaurant, and some quick google work, I found a number that I hoped would get me in contact with these purveyors of  this mystical, magical, Harmony tea. We called and spoke to a friendly woman, Cindy, if I recall correctly. She was delightfully helpful in answering our questions. I promised that I would go to the website and order some tea.

Tonight, three weeks later, I went to http://www.thetippinteacup.com and ordered Harmony and numerous other interesting blends of tea.

I’ll follow up on this and let you know how the experience turns out. I am excited. The tea is a link to the memory of that evening, in the woods and the artisan fair with Mrs. and the lovely time we had. I am a coffee guy, but I think I can make a place in my repertoire of beverage enjoyment for tea, shared with my love and my friends. It’s less about what you drink and more about with whom you are sharing the beverage and the experience. I feel the same way about beer and wine. All good things are better, shared with friends.

If you are curious about The Tippin’ Teacup I can heartily recommend the Harmony Tea. I do not get a kick back or any sort of promotional consideration, I just really like their tea. Slàinte!